His musical beginnings date back to the late-eighties new wave era. He started playing guitar in several bands, making a lot of gigs in northern Italy and appearing on compilations and radio shows.
After the very first studio experiences developed a growing interest in making music with mixers, drum machines, digital delays and so on, starting to wotk with the early sequencers avaible for the first midi instruments generation.
From 2001 until 2005 member of otolab collective, playing with the nickname of reezla a.k.a. rzl audio-visual live sets in many festivals in Italy and abroad.
From 2005 played as a dj mixing techno, dub and house music in many parties all over Italy.
In 2011 together with Bit-Phi a.k.a. LatTeppa founds midi2usb an electronic improvisation duo with wich has played in the 2011 edition of Audiovisiva festival.
Musical influences: the sound of life.